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In the heart of Andalusia, embraced by the Natural Park of the Subbéticas Mountain ranges, the city of Priego of Cordova emerges.

The visitor will be surprised when taking a walk by his streets and to discover the important legacy that history has left in our city.

Of musulmano-medieval time it is the Castle and the beautiful District of Villa, declared National Monument. Considered cradle of the baroque Cordovan, its numerous churches (declared National Monument) they are perfect sample of this art.

One of the most representative monuments, is the Source of the King, style neoclassic and surrounded by 139 sewers with important escultóricos groups.

Another attractiveness of Priego of Cordova, is its splendid landscape, nailed in the Natural Park of the Subbéticas Mountain ranges.

It is not necessary to forget his gastronomy, emphasizing his extra virgin olive oil, with denomination of origin, whose juice has received important prizes at national and international level.

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